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1. How do I enter a festival?

You should contact the music director in your school.  He or she will provide you with an entry form and tell you the date and location of the festival that your school will participate in this year.  A copy of the entry form is also available by pressing the button below to download a PDF file.

Entry Form : Download the entry form (PDF).

2. When and where will the festivals occur?

The festivals occur during April each Spring.  The string festivals are held on a Friday afternoon and evening.  The band festivals are held all day on a Saturday.  The locations for the next festivals are shown on the home page.

3. Is it necessary that I have an accompanist?

A student performing a solo, or students performing in an ensemble must have an accompanist if the piece being performed requires an accompanist.  Such a student without an accompanist may be allowed to play, but will receive comments only from the adjudicator and no rating.  A taped accompaniment is acceptable, as long as the player brings a tape machine to play the tape, and can operate it himself/herself or has someone to operate it for him/her.  See your music director for help in finding an accompanist or press the button below to see a list of available accompanists.

Accompanist : Find an accompanist.

4. How much does it cost to participate?

The entry fee to enter the festival varies somewhat by district, but is about $10 for a solo and less per person for an ensemble.  Each school collects their own entry fees, so see your director for the details.  There is also the cost of an accompanist if you need one.

5. Can I give the judge a photocopy of the music?

No.  The judge must have an original with the measures numbered.  The student may play from a photocopy, but that photocopy must be destroyed at the conclusion of the festival.

6. Will the ratings of performances be posted on this website?

No.  The ratings will be posted at the festival as soon as they are available after each performance.  If you cannot wait to see your rating at the festival, then you can get it from your music director the next week.